Cleaning the laser, advisable?

I have owned my Meridian 508.24 for approximately three years. I have read all kinds of claims of various products
of the benefit of cleaning the cd laser. Can anyone share their experiences? I am a bit hesitant and would like to hear some firsthand accounts. Thanks.
I use a system at home for my transport that consists of a CD disc with two small brushes on it [one for wet, and one for dry]. Gosh, the name of the product escapes me now... Anyway, you place a small drop of cleaning solution on the wet brush, insert it, hit play and follow the directions, which amounts to choosing track four at the tone, and presto you're done.

Recommended cleanings are every ten hours, but I usually only run it about twice a month. I've had situations where it audibly cleared up bad sounding music. I must have let the laser pick up gunk up I suppose, but I don't know how it would. I feel pretty secure with this product. Anyone out there, let me know if I shouldn't be doing this though.
I tried a similar product with a cleaning brush and solution after the transport manufacturer (Spectral) recommended the lens cleaning. Transport promptly went into shock, made a terrific racket and shut down. That was the first and last time I've tried it.
I've heard of similar stories to Flex's. If the "brush" is relatively stiff, it can literally knock the lens off of the laser. This probably just sped up the process though, as the lens would have had to have been coming loose for this to happen.

Out of curiosity Flex, what happened after that ? Any help from the manufacturer ? Sean
Sean, once the disc was removed, the player recovered and has been working without obvious sonic deterioration for the last year. I decided to leave well enough alone, but I agree with your basic idea and should send it in for a health check of the laser assembly.
I have 508.24 as well and recently asked my local Meridian dealer what was the recommended method of cleaning the optics. He uses and recommends canned compressed air. However, I have used an Allsop Carbonedge Laser Lens Cleaner on a number of players including the 508 and it hasn't caused any problems. As a matter of fact it has helped with mistracking problems and improved the sonics in some instances. The apparatus is in the form of a compact disk with tiny carbon brushes attached to the data side. The one I have also has a track of pink noise for burn-ins, as well as other diagnostic tracks.