Classe, Sunfire, or EAD

I'm upgrading to home theater and have been looking for a decent processor to buy. My music is important, and want to get a processor thats good for 2 channel audio as well.

Have been looking at the Sunfire theater grand 2, the Classe ssp 25/30, and the EAD line. These three are all pretty much within the same price range, and dont really want to spend more.

I have to say, that i've been leaning toward the Sunfire. I have seen several reviews stating that the theater grand #1 was very bright, but the newest version (#2) it quite different and warm. I HATE BRIGHT!!!!

I currently have a pair of M/L SL3's for my front channels and intend on getting a M/L cinema for the center. Surrounds and sub will have to come later do to budget. I have three amps that will drive the fronts and center fine.

Would appreciate your input or experience with these three products, or any others in the same price range I should be looking at.

I use the sunfire for HT, and have demo'ed the classe ssp25 in its place. The sunfire has a large advantage in features (e.g. matrixed 7.1, a tuner, better display, multiple sub outs), and is more convenient to use. Sonically it was about a wash. I had them playing through Bryston amps and Snell speakers (Theta source). The Classe ssp30 is supposed to have more features, and be easier to use, than the ssp25. If you go used, the Classe unit can probably be had cheaper than the sunfire, new they're within $500 of each other. If you can go used, and can go just a tad more, the Theta Cassanova blows them all out of the water in terms of sound (although it's quite a pain to configure). Good luck.
Classe equipment typically has a warm, smooth sound. The reviews on the SSP 25 and SSP 75 have been positive. I own Classe 2-channel amp, preamp and CD player, and have had a good experience thus far. Also, Classe is often recommended as a good match for Martin Logan speakers.

I cannot offer a direct comparison to EAD or Sunfire, however, as I have never heard all three brands in similar systems.

Hope this helps.
I have owned the Classe Ssp 50, But Sold the Unit.
Classe has a Great Two Channel For Stero. I would
recommand the Proceed Avp s Verion. You Can not
Upgrade Classe Equipment. If you would have to Choose
i would pick the Avp Or Ead. Sunfire Equipment is Okay
But I would not Recommand, NO resale Value.

This is Only My Opinion, Any of your Choices Are
I have a Sunfire TG 2 and I don't think you can go wrong with it. It sounds great for 2 channel and HT. TG 1 was not so good for 2 channel from what I have read. You can pick up a virtually new TG 2 (try to get one less than 6-9 months old to get all the upgrades) for $2300 +/-
I was in the same boat, tried out several processors, didn't find anything that was really well balanced or reasonably priced and then just decided to wait.

I was interested in the Sunfire but after contacting them, decided to wait again. They will be coming out with a new model within the next 4 - 6 months if things go as planned. While they will offer to upgrade the TG2 up to TG3 level, this option will not be available to TG1 owners. I guess that they figure if you didn't take them up on the offer to go from the 1 to the 2, you probably wouldn't want to pay the extra to go all the way up to the 3. Having said all of that, the TG2 is MUCH better than the TG1 according to EVERYONE that i have talked to. No comparison.

The gent that i bought one of my Cinema Grand Signature's from had previously used a TG2 and moved up to a much more expensive EAD unit. He was VERY happy with the EAD. When i told him that i didn't want to spend that much on a processor, he told me that that he thought the TG2 was quite good for the money. He had shopped around quite a bit and tried a LOT of others, told me his thoughts on quite a few competing models and said that he would have no problems recommending the TG2. He came across as a satisfied customer who simply wanted "more" and was willing to pay for it.

The Golden Theater piece catches my eye but i'm afraid to try it since the company is out of business. I was also interested in a used Proceed AVP or their two piece PAV. I still keep looking for a great deal on either of the Proceed's, but i haven't found a clean one for $1K yet : ) Sean
buy the tg2.I find it outstanding, sure their is better ,is a bargain buy, my 2 channel is levinson and the tg2 is every bit of95percent as good. you pay a lot for that last 5percent. speakers are all ml theatr,prodigy rear statement2s front, I like being able to play front and rears in two channel with a party mode they call it and have separate volume for each.
I don't know if I could really help you but my set-up are Martin Logan SL-3 front and Rear with Logos for center. As for subwoofer I am using a Genesis 9000. With these speakers they are power by my EAD PowerMaster 2000 and Meridian 561 for Pre/Pro. As for source I am using a Wadia 8 CD Transport. All connected by Synergistic Research Cable all around and power protected by PS Audio. I personally like my setup very much for music and home theater. I have been changing from equipments to equipments and I am pretty much settle down due to lack of money and very happy with my setup.

If you have any questions about my equipments feel free to contact me. Good Luck finding what suits your ears and have fun.

When I was in your position I listened to the EAD, but was much more impressed by the sound, ability to upgrade, and the customer service offerred by the Proceed AVP. Give it a listen. Good Luck
Here's just another way to go. My room started out as a home theater room and I increasing wanted to add 2 channel. I had a B&K Reference 20 for my pre-amp processor. Its okay on 2 channel but its real strength is video. I decided to keep the B&K and add a Sonic Frontiers Line 1 tube preamplifer.The SF 1 has a surround sound processor loop whereby I can run my B&K through it for movies and use the SF 1 for music. The sound on both now is incredible. I would only imagine that a tube preamp would sound great with you ML's. The best part of this is that you can buy both used for around the same price as the units you listed. Anyway, just a thought for you. Regards, Mike.
I did the same as the last post. Added a
sonic frontiers line 2.
Now 2 channel sounds stunning and I
have a rotel 976 doing surround.