Classe DR-5 Pre-Amp

I have the DR-5 stock pre-amp. I would like to get feedback from all using this pre-amp regarding the phono cartridges being used expecially MC cartridges. I have no idea which might work best with this unit. I will eventually be using my Original Rock Turntable with the EXcalibur arm. In addition I have the following:

1. Threshold S/300
2. Mirage OM-9 floor standing speakiers (upgrade to Mag 1.6
3. Parasound Belt Drive CD Transport
4. Inexpensive DAC for now
5. Sumiko MM cartridge

Thanks much for all input and advice.

I used one when I was a dealer for them in the late 80s. It is still a good unit. I think I used an A-T OC9 and a Denon 110. The Denon is a high output moving coil and is quite reasonable. It is as good or better than the 160 according to reviews I have read, haven't used the 160 myself.
Thank you very much Stanwal. I do appreciate your response.

I had one for a time. Mine sounded very good with a Sumiko Blue Point Special. It was mounted on a Thorens TD-316 turntable which fed the MM input of the DR-5 and the amplifier was a Classe'25 driving a pair of Maggie 1.6's.