Classe CP-700 screen question

Hi, for those of you who either have the CP500 or CP700 preamp, I have a question about the touchscreen. On mine which I just got yesterday, I see there are a lot of little smudges in the screen. These smudges look like white little "ghosts" when the screen is powered up. It is as if whoever assembled the screen had on some dirty glove or something. Is this normal???
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Is that just visable spots where the touch screen area is seperated for the proper function? I dont know that ezact screen but I have a touch screen remote and see the same things.
That is actually just a pattern in the screen itself. There is nothing wrong with the unit. For some reason, Classe put a background on the unit that looks like little white smudges. I have seen both my own and the ones at my local dealer that both have the same thing.
soundsophist: thanks for the input. That makes me feel better but what the heck is that background supposed to be? It really does look like some sort of defect to me...maybe Classe is just saying that so we feel better?

I also own a CDP-202. It has the same pattern on the screen. But, when I put in a dvd-a, or dvd, the pattern does go away. That is how I know it isn't a screen defect. If it was, those "finger prints" would still be there. I do agree that they should have done something different. I wish they would simply design a new background sceme. The cool thing about their open software architecture is that if they wanted to, they could.