Classe CP-45 vs. CP-47.5 vs. CP-35


I currently have the CP-35 paired with a Classe CA-200.

1. Will I notice a sonic difference going to a CP-45 or CP-47.5?

2. How about the CP-45 vs. the CP 47.5? Is there a sonic difference? A functional difference? For example, does the CP-45 remote control only volume, or can you control sources also as with the CP-45?


- Eric
A couple of years ago I asked the same question . I had the CP-35 pre-amp and I wanted to upgrade to the 47.5. The salesman told me that the difference would not be worth the money and suggested to go to a tube pre-amp. I have not looked back. I now own a Audio Research Reference 1 pre-amp. Then two years after that I bought a Audio Research VT 100 II. I have found that tube equipment makes the difference for me.

I dont know about the differences between CP 45 and the 47.5. But considering the software upgrade for 47.5 is now avaible, should make it more interesting than CP 45. The CP 35 is not "true"-ly balanced. The remote control handles ;
selection of source, volume/mute and display brightness.
I myself have the 47.5 connected to the Plinius SA-102.
Not only does it take on the Plinius CDLAD- it supersedes it by far when it comes to control. Further the bass is a firmer, deeper and punchier.
What else differ these two is - the CDLAD is more forward and the CP 47.5 is a little laidback.
For the question if the CP 47.5 is better than Your CP- it is!
And it is as mentioned - true balanced!
Sell the CP 35 buy a second hand CP 47.5 take it in for the software upgrade.
Check out a CP-60 it's the model before the Cp-65 but I have heard both and the CP-60 sounds much better than the 47.5 The CP-60 has a sepperate power supply and you can pick up a used one for around $1500. I run two Classe 25 amps along with the CP-60 and it's great!
The CP-35 to 47.5 will be a suttle upgrade but the CP-35 to CP-60 will be big! Happy Listening!
Thanks for these ideas!

Will the fact that the CP-35 isn't "truly balanced" cause me trouble in this scenario:

For WAF reasons, I would like to run a 20-25' balanced interconnect between my pre and my amp (a new-style CA-200)?
Running the longer interconnects will work but with your CP-35 I would run longer speaker wire unless you went with the CP-45, CP-45.7 or CP-60 then I would run longer interconnects. There are mixed opinions on longer interconnects VS longer speaker wire, so what I would do is try the longer lenghts of both and see what sounds best. The best way to go is buy CP-60 $1500 used! Major difference from the CP-35 to CP-60 that's if you were looking to change preamps, Then I think the longer interconnects are less of an issue!
Good listening!
The 47.5 is considerably more refined (musically)than CP-35 --initself a very good inexpensive high-end pre.
Bass performance is deeper, cleaner and better controlled, top-end extension, soundstage dimensionality and focus are other areas of improvement better with 47.5 --also lower noise floor as well.

peter jasz