Classe CAV500 vs. Theta Dreadnaught

I'm looking for a new 5 channel amp to power an Aerial Acoustics CC5, LR5, and SR3. I'm looking at the Classe CAV500 and the Theta Dreadnaught. The preamp is a Lexicon MC1. Would one of these amps be a better match for my setup?
Both of these demo'd very well with my Aerial 8'B speakers. I went through this exact search a couple of months ago with my EAD Ovation and DV-09. You have a couple more options though which are the EAD amps (any of them are enough power) Also and I am serious, the Sunfire CinemaGrand Signature. I know the build quality in not in the same league but just try it side by side with each of the other amps and you will surprised as I was. I was even looking at the Proceed combo for 8 grand and just could'nt go that rout along with the others when the Sunfire is more powerful and musical although a little colored. The EAD amps are of the same quality if not better and cost less than the Theta and Classe- The EAD amps sound as close as possable ( I can not tell the differecne) to the Stereo MarkLevenson anps if you like that kind of sound.
I have the Dreadnaught, and will never sell it!