Classe CA 200 or DR 25

Could someone please tell me what the differences between Classe CA200 and DR25. Thank much for your help.
The DR series of products were designed by the original owner / designer of Classe' gear. His name is Dave Reich i.e. the "DR" abbreviation. These are typically much better sounding than the other "non DR" Classe' models in my opinion. Of course, opinions and personal tastes will dictate something different for others.

Keep in mind that different designers / engineers all have different ideas as to what is most important / what they want the product to do and / or sound like. Just because several different products come from one company does not mean that they were designed by the same person(s) or have the same characteristics. Sean
I owned a DR-10 then later bought a CA-100. I thought the CA-100 had better defined bass and was a little more open over all vs the DR-10. After selling the CA-100 I bought the CA-200 which was better yet. ...Abe