CJ Walker 61 Turntable - voltage?

Does anyone out there know of the old CJ Walker 61 Turntable, if it comes with a universal input voltage as standard? Or was this built specifically on 110v~60Hz or 220/230v~50Hz? I have just inherited one unit but I am not sure if I can use this in a 240v~50Hz mains. I am reluctant to use this turntable at this stage. It doesnt say anywhere on the turntable. Could anyone guide me in verifying this issue? Thank you.
I was the importer for CJ Walker turntables when I was an owner of Music & Sound Imports. Its been so long (early eighties)and I'm trying to remember enough to answer your question. If I remember correctly you would have to change the motor to a 220/50Hz and change the belt pully as well. I have no idea where you would be able to obtain a pully or a new motor at this point. Sorry.

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