Citation 7.1 Amp how to replace binding post

Bought a Citation 7.1 for a good price, but in shipping one of the binding posts broke off. The seller blames UPS, UPS blames the seller's packing.

I'm hoping I can cut my losses, and replace the binding post with the help of Parts Express. I've opened up the hood of the Citation 7.1. The binding post itself has a nut on the back, that appears to be soldered to the board. Backed out the nut, with a little torque to crack the solder.

It appears the wire to that binding post is a crimped easy female connection...but that connects right to the board.

If I replaced the binding post....does that wire on the circuit board somehow connect to the metal hole around the binding post on the board....I just have to tighten that nut and I'm good? Or do I disconnect that wire from the board and hook it up direct to the binding post?

Wondering if anyone has any advice. While I can field strip a computer, solder scares me. But, I'm surprised how much this amp looks like a computer....power supply...4 boards representing the 4 channels...and a back plate....

Ideas? I've bought a few different styles binding posts from PE....hoping to find one that's "plug & play".
Yes, I believe the post is soldered in place. You should be able to wick out the solder carefully and just resolder a new one in place. You might need a heavy duty soldering iron or a soldering gun which will definelty do the trick.

A local repair tech will also be able to do this for not too much money if that's all he needs to do and you don't have the correct tools.

Yes...I have a Citation 7.1 amp, very nice strapped (bridged).
You may want to contact Stephen Mantz at Zed Audio.Contrary to what some people believe he is the man who designed that amplifier, not Madrigal Labs. He was very helpful to me when I owned that particular amplifier. or 805-526-5315
Thank you guys, I've contacted Stephen. He's definitely the best source of info on these amps and you're right, he designed the Citation 5.1 and 7.1...both are great amps for my needs.

Just gotta figure out how best to get up to Simi Valley.

Thanks for all your help.