Choosing the right amplifier for the 2019 Magnepan .7 Speakers; Solid State or Tube

Hello Audio world,

I've recently purchased the brand new .7 Magnepan speakers and have two choices of amplifiers that I can use and I am open to suggestions for other types. I have the Jeff Rowland Model 12's monoblock (4 Chassis design) 200 Watts 8 ohms & 350 Watts in 4 ohm load as well as the Cary Audio CAD 805 AE (Anniversary Edition) monoblock amplifier with a 211 output tube installed giving it 70 Watts of Pure Class A. I'm also going to purchase the Magnepan "Instant Upgrade" fuse replacement kit from Verastarr (Mike Powell) and the upgraded stands to experience the best sound possible. The choice of preamps are the Audio Research LS17 SE  with the Jeff Rowlands and for the other system I have the Cary Audio SLP05 with the Ultimate Upgrade for the preamp with the Cary CAD805 AE.


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Bryston is always a good choice and those 7B3 monoblocks at 7500 with many years of warranty worth considering.  On the face of it I would opt for the 350 watts into 4 ohms I think 70 watts will be light but kind of depends on your taste?  They do work with tube pretty well so hard to say.  Now, I will say for sure that the LRS I am using work better with Bryston 4BSST than the monoblocks I was using at 1/2 the power.  These speakers love power.  Also the bass with the Bryston is better now than the monoblocks with no subs.  I do have REL T5x2 that work very well with the LRS and really want monoblocks to work the best in terms of hook up.  But, the Bryston now is OK on bass and the subs get a little funky on the integration.  Best wishes.