Choice of PCI sound card for server / DAC link

.Good evening

I am in the process of upgrading my system and I have just finished an Audio Server based on a Streacom Alpha 9
a Streacom Alpha 9 box in which is installed

- MSI B460 Bazooka motherboard
- Intel 10500 T CPU
-16 GB of DDR4 2600 MHZ memory bars
- 1 SSD NVME Samsung 970 Evo plus where Windows server 2019 + ROON is installed
- 2 SSD of 2 TO each of Storage Music HIRES DSD 128, 256

I installed on the first PCI slot a JCAT Femto card that will be connected to a linear power supply

it misses that the choice of the 2nd card which will be connected to the DAC AUDIO GD R8 2021 in version R2R Full

my question is to know towards which audio card in PCI I must direct me, it will be supplied by a linear power supply

- PINK FAU card I2S output to I2S of the DAC only process the PCM stream no DSD ....
- Jcat FEMTO USB card USB output to USB / I2S conversion to enter the DAC what about DSD?

Thanks for your feedback

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I use a Pink Faun S/PDIF card (which has BNC and an AES/EBU XLR output).  It is absolutely excellent (even with stock TCXO clock).   However, the chipset they use on the card has problems with Intel platforms that use Linux (dropouts and synch audio problems).  As far as I've been told, it is fine if you use Windows.  However, I went with an AMD cpu when I built my PC because of this reason.

I considered i2s, but decided not to go with this because it limits the length of the cable to about 1 meter (shorter is better).  Also, by choosing BNC / AES/EBU, I now have the ability to choose from a very large array of cables.