Cheaper alternative to PayPal, Serve by Amex

Just came across this. Looks like its owned by American Express and according to the web site, a lot cheaper then Paypal. Seems like being sponsored by Amex would also have its advantages.
I wasn't aware of the Amex program, but in my transaction last year as a seller, I and the buyer utilized Amazon's WebPay service... no fees... no problems.

Most of us are so entrenched in the PP protocol that we never seek out other alternatives (btw, thanks for the heads-up on Serve!)
Man thanks for letting us know! i've been finding a good alternative to PP for years. I hope this one works.
if you are looking for a great alternative to paypal that is cheaper you should check out They only charge 1.99% compared t paypals 2.9% and no contract or sign up fee. It's a real merchant account that you can use anywhere to sell online including eBay. I've been very happy with it so far