Cheap Transport

I'm currently using a NAD 541i CDP connected to a Simaudio Moon intergrated. I am getting a Museatex Meitner modifed DAC this week.

First, I'm kinda in suspense, should I hear a difference using this DAC?

Secondly, I realize the NAD wont be an ideal transport, is there something that I could buy in the short term to replace the NAD that would do a much better job? I'd like to do it on the cheap. If there is no point then I'll simply use the NAD untill funds are available to buy a better transport.
You already own one. If I recall correctly (always a poor assumption), the jitter specs on the 541i are supposed to be fairly good. I don't remember where I saw that, but maybe someone else can recall.

My guess is that you would have to spend considerably more to notice a difference. You might focus on a better cable first.

You should definately get a proper transport. I have recently compared my Theta Data Basic II to Marantz CD 63 KI Signature - which is a great CD player - and the difference was not subtle. More air, better resolution and much smoother sound.

Digital cable, although important, doesn't make such a dramatic difference as transport itself.

You can get a Theta Data Basic II in mint condition for as little as 500$ used.

I have also recently found and bought a Muse Model 5 CDT for a friend for a mere 350$. It is also a very good transport.
Proceed CDD.Used bargain-Very good transport.Replaced mine with M Levinson 37.Proceed DAP dac also selling used now for relatively little money.
Spend more on the transport than the dac.Proved it over and over again.
Hi Bluebull,
Any best transport under $1,000 would you recommend??