Chained Shunyata Triton w/Vray 2

I have a Shunyata Triton and my old V-Ray 2.
Any comments on chaining these? (V-Ray to wall, Triton into V-Ray?) Thanks.
No way ! I just bought a triton 2 weeks's better than my now former vray2. You're dumbing it you might separate analog on one and digital on another...or front end equip on one and amps on the other...

Now the vray2 is a steal used for what they are going for !!!

What cord is feeding your triton? I'm using a king Cobra CX....your best power cord should feed the conditioner...
OK, thanks for that. It's just that I was having surprisingly good results with chaining. I use an Anaconda CX.
Experimenting is part of the fun of our hobby and we each get to have our gear however it sounds best to us. I'm with Jfrech here - the Triton is less current limiting than the VRay; no reason to lose that. The Triton is not just a bigger VRay - lots of new tech in there whose impact is lessened by chaining. Try your TV and DVD player on the V-Ray, and if you can swing it, a Shunyata Zitron PC on the Triton.
OK, unchained melody here. 'using the Triton direct now and Jfrech is right. Things are much better even than before. Again, the Triton is AWESOME!! NO KIDDING!
Every image is locked in place and outside the speakers.
Thanks Jfrech.
:) glad it worked out ! I love my Triton to...really great piece it is ! Seems to bget better after 24 hours...then after a week....I've had mine now for 2.5 weeks...
Best to you Jfrech. Had to use my 10 year old 8-foot 20-amp Anaconda Alpha from the closet on the Triton to reach, but somehow it does a fine job. When I save some more change in my loose-change drawer, I may move on to a newer version.

I'm lucky I can type now I stayed up so late listening. I feel like my little Lahave Mela monitor speakers turned into Aerial 20Ts or Grand Utopias (well, almost).
Is Talon just a smaller Triton or do they sound different?
I recently brought home a Triton for an in house demo, maybe it's just me but I prefer my V-Ray one.
i am very surprised with your findings. But everything is system dependent. Also, I tried my Ayre MXR's into my VRay ll and liked somethings didn't like others (remember Ayre has some built in AC filtering)

On the Triton, I heard the same things, Mostly in dynamics and bass on my Ayre amps. My front end gear LOVES the Triton.

Maybe your Ayre KXR is doing the same as my MXR's? Could be Arye's ac filtering is conflicting somehow with what Triton is doing?

I'd maybe try all but your Ayre KXR into the Triton...If the triton is gone...try plugging your KXR direct into the wall..if dynamics and bass improves, and detail, noise, delicacy subsides...then maybe we did experience the same...