Celestion 3000/5000/7000, Anyone remember these?

These are larger Celestions made in the early 1990's with a long ribbon setup and (2) 8" woofers. Never heard of them, nor heard them.

Does anyone remember hearing these and care to comment on their quality and weaknesses? What was the difference between the 3 models? Any links out there for info on them?
But am interested in impressions that people had of the lesser models as well. I realize that Celestion did not make that many of these, but someone out there must have seen or purchased a pair...
I travelled to GB many years ago and got to audition one of these. I cannot remember which one but I was unimpressed.
heard the 3000 excellent sound stage height and very transparent also.
Thanks for the info so far.

Anyone remember the 7000 in specific?
selling in ebay...
Not me!!
Surely someone must have heard these?
i bought a pair in 1992 and bi-wired them to a adcom gfa 555 mk2.nice crisp sound with plenty of base for 8 inch woofers.ribbons are angled so placement is a major considerration.output is 150/ch @ 4ohmm.
I have a pair of 7000s - absolutely gorgeous, will never part with them - but they need the right amp. Mine are biwired to a Camridge Audio A500.
Strengths: Soundstage (when set up and driven properly) clarity (particularly vocals) & dynamic range. The bass is virtually bottomless.

The one big weakness is that the ribbon is highly directional. Your ear needs to be in the same horisontal plane as the ribbon which means they're not so great for parties.
I have a set of 7000's running right now (written listening to Etta James' Mystery Lady CD). garryp is right, vocals ARE terrific. I've got them pared with a Velodyne ULD-18, the last of the MUSICAL sub-wofs they made. Wonderful paring.

I admit my amp might not be of the highest quality but it drives them nicely for me. --- Pre-Amp Sony TAE-9000ES Power Sony TAN-9000ES.

I've got them bi-wired with Kimber cable -- Blue/Grey/Black woven.

It's said that the ribbons can be difficult to obtain flat response from.

Also agree with 'garryp' about directionality of the ribbons. Encourages me to sit in the "Command Chair" with a glass of 'Grape Juice Plus" and do serious listening.

Thought I was the ONLY guy still running these!

S.F. Bay Area, California, USA
I also have a set of 7000's running in my listeningroom.
In my room they sound very clear with a good coherence between ribbon and woofers, with a great transparent soundstage.
When they get hooked upon a good amp, the dynamics will be astonishing!
But my room has some acoustic flaws in it.
The lower bass is there, but the upperbass is gone due to the room.
That results in an unbalanced timbre.
I will pick them up and relocate them, that should help.
I drive them with a Krell ksa 50s poweramp.
These are truely revealing speakers and I think that the parts used on the cross-over are ready for new and better ones.
And once these parts are changed, I think that they will be stiff competition for nowadays speakers (around the original 7000's pricetag)!

Oud Beijerland, the Netherlands
Yes I have these and am starting to wonder if they have had their day?

Quirky, you have to sit at armchair level to hear them properly. Stand up and quality, but not power goes. I like them though and would like to get more from them. I cannot be arsed though to stick piles of newspapers and housebricks around my lounge. That is for audiophile nuts and makes no more differance than standing up in front of the units.

To end, they are very good producers of sound. They pick up the music and fling it into the room. What else could we want? Well something of course, or we wouldn't be here would we?
I have a pair of 7000s coupled to a class A-B valve amp which I built using GEC designs, they sound extremely coarse and edgy with the transistor amps that I've tried. The bass is very controlled and very extended, on some early recordings one can detect vibrations from passing traffic! The treble is clean and and highly directional - having the ribbons buried in slots doesn't help but is of course necessary to suspend the ribbons between the magnet pole pieces. The achilles heel is the necessity for a matching transformer because of the very low resistance / impedance of the ribbon. As my PhD was in Electromagnetics I'm going to dismantle my pair and try and wind improved matching transformers, I think this is necessary as the fine detail is not as clear as from some speakers I have built using Bandor metal cone units; even so, the 7000s are better than Quad 57s and Tannoy Lancasters - I owned pairs of all 3 at the same time and the 7000s were audibly better.
I have a pair of 3000's that are bi-wired to a luxman LV-105 that gives a warm, clear sound all the way to the top ranges. Not cold and sterile or harsh. At the end of the day after them being on all day I can still sit down and
enjoy listening to them with out having enough. Some times I wish I had also purchased some of the the larger speakers as I use a powered sub for the lows.
I have a pair of 7000s and have owned them for 20 years. Still sound great but I do wonder if

the ribbons give out where I might find a pair.
I have a pair of 3000s and I like them, they have the best high mids I've heard so far. I'm also listening to Piega with coax ribbons but the 3000s ribbons have much more body, the Piega sound is thinner, more detailed and extended but the 3000s ribbons have such a nice body, I guess that's because of their size. As for the mid-bass driver, it can be better. Maybe the bigger cabinet of the 7000s are helping the woofer but in the 3000 it's not that great. They need a high current amp or better, two amps.
I own a pair of 5000 and really like them but would love to improve them. I was thinking of installing the tweeters onto an open baffle and let them radiate in both directions. I was also thinking of bypassing the crossover and maybe even the transformer if possible to run the tweeter and woofer with active filters. Finally, I'd like to put the woofer into a TL enclosure to get a bit lower in the bass.

What do you reckon folks?