CD player help

Im in the market for a new cd player and with so many out there i'm not to sure what to get..I've been looking at a couple of different units.One is the levinson 390s another is the electrocompaniet 1up and the mbl 1531 also the wadia 850 .Is there any other players anyone would suggest.New or used Thanks
naim cdx2 or cds3 what electronics do you use?
How about the new EMM labs one box player. It sounds superb.
My gear consist of Speakers:Artamis Eos/se with base module..AMPs:Electrocompaniet 220w ran as monoblocks..Preamp:Sonic frontiers line 3/se..Tice power block 3/se..CD player:sonic frontiers sfcd1.. Wire:MIT tri-wire shotgun..330 balanced interconects..dedecated ac lines for each component.
Here's another..wish I could hear it myself. Looks to be a monster player!! TentLabs CD player.