cd mega changers with balanced outputs

does any know od any high quality cd mega players with balanced outputs, my preamp is balanced and I am using adapters for balanced connections,
Sam i'm unaware of any mega changers that have a bal out but am using a sony cdpcx90es 200 disc mega changer w/Monarchy Dip which does have AES/EBU out for the convienence and can honestly say that the sound between my Classe CDT-1 into a Classe Dac and Sony/Dip combo is very very close in sound. AND the CDT-1 into Classe ssp50 into Classe ca300 powering a pair of Aerial 10t w/pr of Rel Stadium 11 subs sounds great . My Dealer's rep was over to say hi and listened to the 90es and dip . About a week later he called and asked if i would sell him my Dip . Sony cdpcx90es is discontinued but well worth it if you can find one or two used. Sounds great as a transport w/Dip with my system . Cheers
Thanks Mikec, I have a pioneer elite 300 disc going into a rowland synergy 2 preamp out to a ead amp on to aerial 10 t speakers, correct me if I am wrong, I can ad a external dac with balanced out puts and then go into the rowland preamp,,is this correct ? thanks
You are correct Sam . Try going from CD changer to Monarchy Audio Dip to Dac to Bal in on PreAmp .