Cary or VTL amps

Looking to purchase a tube amp. I've narrowed my choices. If you have had experience with any of the following amps or combinations which would you choose 2nd hand under $1500 budget, a Cary Rocket 88, a Cary/AES Superamp or 6 packs, or a VTL ST-85? They would be used with either a VTL TL-5 pre or a Cary/AES AE3mkII pre, custom Klipsch Cornscalas, and Forte II's, and Cambridge 640 CD or Denon 2910. I have a custom Bob Latino st-70 now, along with a vintage Dynaco 416, and have had an older pair of Cary mono blocks which were a cut above these present amps, but no longer have. Any input???
I have a Cary V12R and I'll bet the 6 packs would kick ass with the Klipsch. I also have a mint pair of Quartets. How do the Cornscalas sound? Thanks
Cornscalas are unbelievable, originally built with all Crites drivers and crossovers in a ported cabinet, I've upgraded to wooden tractrix horns. if you're looking for more information on them, let me know especially if you are handy enough to build your own. I can no longer listen to my Forte II's and am going to build another pair with upgraded drivers and crossovers this summer
I expect your speakers may not need that much power. Another great (and IMHO, perhaps better) VTL is the Tiny Triodes. They don't come up for sale very often but they should be in that price range.
t_bone, I've heard the Tiny Triodes have had problems especially overheating ?
Rcme53, I had not heard that but it's possible. I will dig around in the archives to see what's there.