Cary CD308 Display

I just purchased a CD308 and after the burn-in period I finally turned the unit off. The display flickers/pulses. Cary said that this is normal due to the fluorescent display, but I wonder. It is quite noticeable. I can even see it from my listening position across the room (18 feet). Has anyone else experienced this or is it not so normal after all?
Someone else posted this problem but I cannot remember who. Sorry. I owned 308 and it did not do this. (that is how the post caught my eye). Call Kirk at Cary.

I've had a 308T for two years and it's never flickered or pulsed whatsoever, not even up close. I can't believe that anyone at Cary thinks such behavior would be normal.
Same here. Had one for 18 months.
Never did this.
I bought one used here on audiogon that did this.

The seller was nice enough to take it back.

I dont think this glitch is acceptable, ragardless of the reason.
My 303/200 does the same thing.
I owned a 308 and the display was solid. The player did have other issues which Cary chose to dismiss and led to trading it in for another brand.
I have the 308T - never had this problem. I wouldn't think it was just a glitch. It's definately a problem. But if it doesn't affect the sound then...