Cary 308 or Bel Canto Dac2?

Time to upgrade my source component and I was looking at getting the Bel Canto Dac2 for use with my existing DVD player or the Cary 308. There is a blurb on the BC site about how well the Dac2 is supposed to work with DVD players as a transport due to DVD players having "built-in jitter control" by utilizing ram memory to handle audio playback; sounds good on paper but I would like to hear from anyone who has tried this combo. Has anyone tried the new Sony Dvp-Ns500v dvd/sacd player with the Bel Canto Dac? I am not necessarily set on the Cary 308 as the only alternative, but I am trying to stay in the $1500 range. The rest of my equipment consists of a Morrison ELAD pre-amp, Bryston 3-Bst amp, and Joseph Audio 25si speakers. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks.

IMHO, I would try the Sony DVD-DACD player before making an investment in a dac. I've heard the BC dac with Pioneer DVD players and the combination is fatiguing, to say the least.