Carver TFM-15 Question

I created a basement system from all my "spare parts". Anyway, the amp was working fine but just recntly the right channel was not working when I would first turn it on. By clicking the speaker selector and/or tapping on the top of the unit the sound would come back for the duration. Any thoughts? Does this sound like a smple adjustment or do I need to take it to the shop?

Could be a Cold solder short easy to fix if you dont blow out the amp
Had the same problem on an TFM 24 and it was the ouput protection relay. 10 bucks to replace.
*By clicking the speaker selector* could be a dirty switch,you might want to clean the switch and see if it fix the problem.My 2cents.
Hi Jfgte8296
I own a Carver TFM-24 and the right channel is not working. Seems to be a similar problem to the TFM-15
Can you tell me where you purchased the output protection relay? I'm in Montreal, Canada but can order from US suppliers
thanks in advance