Cartridge Match for Krell KPE Reference/Rega P25

I'm having a hell of a time picking a cartridge for my Rega P25 mated with a KPE Reference. The maximum load setting is 1k and so far the two cartridges I've auditioned seem to overload the system: Grado Sonata Low Output MM had the woofers jumping at ridiculously quiet levels. A Blue Point Hi Output MC was better but still difficult to find a compromise that produced quality sound. I've determined that a low output MC is probably what will get the job done and was wondering if anybody had a recommendation. I'd like to stay under a grand. Benz Micro Glider L2 was on my short list. Any other suggestions?
The Grado had a mismatch with your arm or possibly with your table, as Rega and Grado are known to be a problematic combination, and the Blue Point is just not a very good sounding cartridge, which is why you could not get it to sound good.

Buy a Shelter 501, and you will be in heaven, nirvana, or whatever. $800 from Axxis Distributors. There is absolutely nothing anywhere close to it, at anywhere near the price. It is a great match for your tonearm. Also, if you want to get the best results from any cartridge on your arm, get a VTA adjuster, and a HeavyWeight counterweight from Expressimo Audio. Also my HiFi mod would be a great addition, but I have to disclose that I am the maker of it. It really kicks butt, though.

The Shelter really is the best cart in your price range. It will make other contenders at that price sound like there is something wrong with them. Load it at 100 ohms. You will never believe how good this cart is. It will amaze you every time you play it.

If, for some unknown, incredible reason you don't want to get a Shelter 501, then probably the Lyra Lydian Beta would be a good choice at $995. The Shelter clobbers it.
I'd have to say the Lydian Beta. But, I have not heard the Shelter-so factor that in.

Also, I used to have a rega 25. Ditto the recommendation on the counterwieght, vta adjuster. Also, try a different matt, the ringmat helped me. Finally, change the arm cables. Spend as much as you can here.

Oh, one last thing, I put my p25 on DH cones and squares, the jumbos. Put the cones real close to the rubber feet. Tighted focus and depth quite a bit.

Good luck...
I'd also look into the Ortofon Kontrapunkt B at about $600 NIB here on Agon from Mrstereo and others. It is an outstanding cartridge for the money.
I can't comment on the Shelter (have not heard it) but both the heavyweight and the VTA adjustment made noticable improvements in my P-25. I am very happy with my Dynavector 17 D-II, Karat. It is low output (0.23mv) and loaded at 100 ohms, it is the best I have heard on my Rega.
Ditto - the Dynavector 17D2 is what we sell on P25's most regularly. Fabulous cartridge on that table.
hi im looking for a krell mc stage is it a good sounding unit or to forword my krell cd is forward but with a mellow line stage it great anyone selling a krell i know it will handle the lowest output mcs so look for low output they sound more detailed to .33 or less