Cartridge impedance loading question

Hi folks. I have a Shelter 501 Mk 11 cartridge going into a Lehmann Black Cube phono pre. The Shelter's impedance is 12 ohms. The recommended load impedance in the Shelter specs is ambiguous…

Other than a user retrofittable option the Lehmann moving coil options are 80, 100, 470 & 47k ohms. What would you be using?


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Lloydc, that may true but my head hurts. I have read and reread. Still do not fully understand. I no longer care about a complete understanding. Now I just wish to understand from my situation. If I turn the volume up two or three or four times the normal listening volume with the arm in it's Sadler, platter spinning, phono stage and integrated amp on with everything connected from the LOMC through sut to the speakers and there is no noise except air, do I not to need load? I mean no noise means no RFI? At least, I think that is the way I understand it.
Then again my head hurts 🌝🔫
I think you miss understood, I have no noise. I was just wondering if that ment I did not need any loading. Since posting I heard from the engineer/designer of phono and sut. He confirmed based on the cartridge I was using, he would not "use any additional loading". I am a happy😺