Cartridge for Clearaudio Concept TT


I have a Clearaudio Concept TT with the base MM cartridge.  I've been kicking around replacing the cartridge, and would like to know if anyone has a recommendation between these three.

1) Clearaudio MC
2) Clearaudio Virtuoso V2
3) Ortofon Quintet back

I mainly listen to classic rock, blues, and jazz.  My phono preamp is a Pro-ject Phono SE.  It's nothing great, but it does handle MC.  My electronics are all SS.  Anthem MRX AV Receiver and a Rotel Amp driving a pair of Klipsch Chorus II's.  I don't find the current Clearaudio MM Cartridge fatiguing in my system, but I think a bit of midrange warmth and punchy bass is what I'm looking for.

I have a CA Concept TT with the CA Concept MC, Pro-ject Tubebox S feeding into a hybrid valve integrated.
Music from KISS, Eric Clapton to Adele. Very clear and warm. Beats the socks off my Pro-ject RPM Carbon with Ortofon Blue MM.
The Virtuoso does much better with Classical and instrumentals.

I have just recently got a CA Conecpt MC. I have the CA nano phono stage going into my Onkyo AV amp ( for now. ) this then powers my Monitor audio silver 8 floor stand speakers. I have to say the sound is very impressive. I have read the reviews and they say the MC cartridge is a great partner. I have to agree