carpet or wood floors for maggies?

how do maggies' sound differ in carpeted rooms vs hard wood rooms? room is 11'x 14' with one side open to a balcony. aslo, do you think that the mmgs would be a speaker for this room or would they be too small? i like my music loud but clear.
Funny you should ask. As we speak, I am tearing up the wall to wall in my room, going with the hardwood and an area rug. I have the MMGs that I sometimes swap into the system. My mains are the 3.6Rs. The room is 16 x 22 x 10.
i would be real interested to find out how the sound changes, if at all. i am trying to decide on hardwood vs. carpet for my room. do you the mmgs put out enough sound for that size room?
As long as you don't listen a huge volumes, MMGs do an OK job. Part of my pulling up the carpet is due to a complete redo of the listening room by Rives Audio. I used to use the MMGs as the rear channels in a 5.1 system, but went back to 2 channel audio. Once Richard has completed the redesign of the room, and w ehave done all the treatments recommended, I will be posting results, including listening with my usual Magnepan 3.6Rs as well as the MMGs
have you compared the mmgs to the mg12s? my room size is 14' x 11' with one side open to a balcony. do you think they are worth twice the price?