CARDAS Golden Cross VS. CARDAS Cross INS.

Looking for specific differences between these 2 interconnects. Which is the warmer more "musical" of the 2? Is the Golden Cross "worth" 2x the price?
I've been using Stealth CWS ins for the past year or so and though I love the detail and pace these interconnects produce, I'd prefer a warmer, less analytical sound, I think....(never really sure in this business)

Appreciate the help.
Cardas Golden Cross is a definite step up and warm and very musical. Very good on taming solid state gear

also look into Acoustic Zen Matrix II another very musical interconnect
Cardas Golden Cross is worth it, It is my cable of choice, very rich, harmonic, detailed, spacious, warm, musical. Bass is full and authoritative. I have not heard the "cross" cables but I understand they are not the same thing and not recommended.
Cardas Cross cables are just good, middle of the road type cables.

The Golden Cross is truly high=end sounding, and provides the warm sound you desire.
Ditto with Audiotombs choice on the Acoustic Zen Matrix II. Fantastic cable. Its superior cable thats reasonably wont have to spend your kids inheritence to own a pair.

Jose, I own a bunch of Cross and can tell you that while it is a fine interconnect at its used price, it does not possess the type of sound you describe wanting. It actually highlights the brightness region very slightly, and is not the smoothest-textured or quietest cable out there. It's well-extended in the highs, but just a bit reticent in the bass, and a touch foward. Good for the money if you prefer an 'exciting' presentation. However, I must add that I've found it to yield a more neutral and transparent character when used in its balanced XLR variety between truly balanced components. Right now, I prefer my more recently acquired Harmonic Technology Pro Silway II's at around the same price (used) for single-ended applications, but the balanced Cross still beat them head-to-head FWIW. Now I want to get some balanced Pro-Sil's to really see what's what, since it could well be that the balanced connection, rather than the wire type itself, is what's giving the edge in this comparision.