Canadian brand CD PLAYERs

wich choice do we have in good canadian brands for
low high end cdplayers ??

Wich company makes good cdplayers in here ?

thanks :)
Four come to mind - Classe and Oracle out of Montreal, Sonic Frontiers/Anthem in Toronto and Space Tech Labs in Vancouver
sim audio
I use the SF Anthem CD1 and have been very pleased. I was pretty skeptical of using a changer but no more. Only uses one 6922 valve, so tube-rolling is about as inexpensive as it can get to improve the component. Any of the better Amperex 6922/6dj8 types turn this into a great player.
That's all ?

all thoose CD player are 1500$ USD + used :(

exdcept for Classe CD .3..

are classe's CD any good ?

what are my other choices for a nice sounding 300-500$USD used CD player ?

tanx ;)