Can the 16.5 record cleaning machine clean 78 RPM?

Is an attachment needed to clean 78RPM shellac records as is the case with one of Nitty Gritty's models? If so, what is the cost, and can it be used with the 16.5 model of yours?
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Dr. Stephen R. Goldberg
I don't see why the VPI couldn't clean a 78 other than you might have to be careful in terms of the cleaning solvents used. If you have a lot of 78's to clean, you might want to think about buying a separate brush and solution tube just for use with those. Only real problem that i can think of is that the discs might not be the same size as a 33, so you might have to do some "modifications" to the brush / suction inlet on the vacuum system so as to minimize air leakage when doing a smaller disc.

You might want to contact Kevin at KAB Electro-Acoustics as he is a dedicated vinyl addict and offers quite a bit of gear pertaining to older recordings. I'm sure that he can help you out one way or the other. Sean
Not only can the 16.5 clean 78's, but VPI offers a 10" vacuum wand for that task!