Can one ever be "done" in this hobby?

I would like to think I am pretty much in audio nirvana right now but supremely well aware how quickly that can change to audio nervosa!

What do think?

Is it really possible to kick the addiction and be done and just sit back and enjoy the music?

Has anybody managed this trick of the mind?
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I don’t change HW much.  I replaced my DIY speakers two years ago after 25 years and the CD player (XA20ES) after 21 years.  I guess I’m blessed with poor ears and could never discern differences between much of the electronics and ancillaries.  

I keep tweaking my listening room acoustics although “the” final adjustment/ change should be finished in the next couple months.  Really.  I’m serious about that.  Done ;-)

I focus on the music.  Just got a book “1001 albums you must hear before you die” by Robert Dimery.  Rough count, I only have ~ 2% of his list.  This should keep my busy for a while.

I had a quick look at that same book but I am afraid there are a LOT of albums contained therein that I could just never enjoy listening to at all.

Good source though.

The other reference that I've used for a while to identify potential music purchases is Stereophile's "10 yrs of Records to Die For".  It covers most of the genres.  

Power handling and efficiency aren't necessarily saying, "it's heavy, but it's green." I likely use a couple of watts to get my 99db speakers filling my ears and the room, and the peak capability of 'em is 400 watts. You can have a very efficient single 5" speaker that will explode from a steady 20 watts, and an inefficient speaker that will do 300 watts of uncompressed kick drum all day.
To the original post.

I actually think you can be done. But only if you beleive there are actually two different hobbies here. The audio hobby and the music hobby. I have to say I am mostly on the audio gear side. So as long as I focus on sound I will always be searching for something different and or better. That's why I constantly rotate speakers. I really like my power and pre amp so only on ocasion will I switch to my vintage Marantz, Sansui etc receivers. I have 3 TT's and switch them on ocasion as well. 

People who focus mainly on the music can be done with the Audio gear side. What is most important to them is the music. On what it is playing is not the most important thing, just that it is playing. Clearly evidenced by the mobile players now in millions of peoples hands. They are way better than what they used to be but not what most of on here would call great sound. Sure, "music people" if financially able,  will search for a system that suits their needs but it is still all about the music. 
So I would say in reality there is actually two different hobbies here joined by one commonality, the music.

I think I am going to put out a seperate post on the topic. Is this actually 2 different hobbies.