Can I use EL34 tubes on KT88 amps?

Some KT88 amps advertise that they can also use EL34 tubes. My Melody M880's owner manual does not say anything about EL34. Can I use EL34 tubes, instead of KT88, and just lower the bias?
Does your manual say anything about alternative tube choices? Sometimes you can substitute, and sometimes you can't, I think it depends on the circuitry among other things. Perhaps you should contact Melody.
All Primaluna amps can use EL34 or KT88 tubes. I hope that gives you another option if you want to switch back and forth.
I sent email to Melody last week but have not received any response so far. The owner's manual does not mention anything about alternative tube choices either.
Don't be surprised if you don't get a response. Manufacturers in general are VERY poor at responding to E-Mail.

I noted in Stereophile an ad for Melody products which are apparently being re-introduced to USA. Try calling the new dealer/distributor and see if he will help.
You can contact the new distributor at with Melody questions. I already sent him an email about this and will report back when I know.