Can I simultaneous use of RCA/XLR-outputs?

I have a Sunfire Grand Theater III. Can I simultaneous use of RCA/XLR-outputs?

Thanks for your help.
It is usually not so much that you can use RCA/XLR outputs as it is an issue when you try to switch between RCA/XLR inputs on something like an amp--using one from one source and the other from another source and doing the switching at the amp. The two share some of the same circuits and you can do serious harm somewhere.

To answer your question I am unaware of any equipment that has problems using both outputs. You can probably try it and see if it can work and more important---do the mismatched signals (XLR is usually more decibels) conflict with each other in your listening environment.
I did it with Outlaw and Meridian, no problem on the L-R channel.
If its not an either/or deal, you should be able to. I done just that with my Proceed AVP2 w/o a problem for front channels.