Can Focal Diablo Utopias be paired with a tube amp

I have recently purchased a pair of Diablo Utopias. My dealer suggests that they be powered by a 200W per channel solid state amp but I have developed a real love for vacuum tube sound. Anyone out there know of a successful pairing? Thank you very much for your help!!
well its not the best combination. both technicaly and subjectively. Diablo is lush/warm sounding speakers in lower midrange and combining to tube amp not the best idea for extra reason- diablo woofer contructed to take lot of power and lot of excursion. and indeed at least 100w amp is needed to really rock and roll. i tried 7w SE tube amp. its sounds involving with bass being slight too uncontroled, but with diablos 85-86db eficienty forget about loud sound.
I actually bought the Diablo utopias as well. I listened to them at the dealer's showroom with great tube great as well as good solid state. The tube combos were A/R and BAT and the solid state was Mcintosh and Halcro. In this comparison, I like the solid state, very much in line with what Elviukai is noting. I also tried them on a recommendation in a friends's system with his great solid state amps, Burmester, and that was the golden match. Needless to say, I am going to get the Diablos to play through Burmester soon. I have Burmester in my other home and did not get the chance to try this setup logistically but now that I have, I am convinced it is the way to go. I hope this helps.
Thank you gentlemen for your input!! I have decided to take my dealer's recommendation and go with solid state. I recently purchased McIntosh's new MA-7000 250W per channel integrated offering as I cannot afford Burmester (yet). My selection for the source is a tube CD player from Austria, the Ayon CD-2. So far, the system sounds wonderful with much to improve as the all the components, especially the speakers need lots of run-in time.