Cal Audio Labs Icon MK I

Does anyone know about the upgrading procedures? I am looking at a used unit that started out as an icon mk I. It was sent to factory to have the powerboss upgrade a few years ago. Would it have been given the icon mk II upgrade as well? The owner says he knows the processor was updated but not sure about the icon mk II status. Reason for concern was all the transport problems involved with the mk I. If anyone might have any knowledge or could help it would sure be appreciated. Thanks,
All upgrades were by the customers choice. Individual selection was offered on all the possible upgrades, so just because a person got the powerboss upgrade doesn't mean anything else was neccesarily done to the unit.
im pretty sure that to get the power boss upgrade it had to already be a mk2. i had a mk1 and the mk2 upgrade was at least a year or so before the power boss. by the way had mine for years without a transport problem.
Thanks for the responses. Still not sure then if it is actually a mk II upgraded to powerboss status or an mk I upgraded to powerboss status. Seems to be conficting opinions. I sold the MK II i had to a friend cause he liked it so much and i wish i wouldnt have. So basically i have created this mess for myself anyways. Another move i made was selling my paradigm studio 100v.2's to a friend as well. I replaced those with a pair of VMPS tower 2's. Which i couldnt be happier with that move. So what i have for a system at the moment is:
Aragon 4004 MK II
Audible Illusions L1
Sansuai TU 717
Toshiba dvd/cd(which isnt working for 2 channel listening)
VMPS Tower 2's
Rat Shack Fusion IC's
Acoustic Research 12 Guage
Salamander synergy 40 audio rack

As you can tell from my setup i bascially like classic rock. But i should have never sold my icon mk II.
I got my answer.
Just talked to the seller and he checked the paperwork from cal audio. It was updated in 1996 and did have the transport updated along with the powerboss upgrade. And he was charged seperately for both upgrades. Thanks again.
Well not sure if it was the mark 2 upgrade or not. I recieved the player today and the upgrades are as follows:
1)Laser pick-up assembly ICN/TRCT/ARIA...........151.00
2)Spindle motor SJGDRF310T-4..................... 27.00
3)HDCD/20-bit upgrade assembly...................450.00
Tax................... 48.67

Also on the front of the player there is a sticker on the window that says [HDCD]

These upgrades were done in august of 1996.

There is also another service report from 1993:
1)Replaced central processor.......................40.00
2)Update kit(updated the player)...............No Charge

To me it seems as if maybe the player was updated to icon mk 2 in 1993 and upgraded to powerboss in 1996.But the icon mk 2 i use to own had a detachable power cord or so i think and also had the icon mk 2 marked on the front.Where as this player doesnt have a detachable power cord and no mk 2 markings on it whatsoever.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what this player might be. Is it an icon mk1 upgraded to a icon mk2 with powerboss upgrade? Or is it an icon mk1 with just the powerboss upgrade?

Any comments appreciated
Thanks alot

any ideas?