CAL AUDIO 2500DVD/CD player?

I have never listened to this model, but I got a deal I couldnt pass up, so please any thoughts on this would be helpful, thanks Chad
P.S. I bought this for mostly 2 channel, and it playing DVD'S may be a bonus...I am using a Samsung for SACD/DVD-A
Its an excellent 2 channel unit in both analog as well as digital but the edge goes to the analog outputs for me. Cal was an outstanding company that was run by audiophiles who cared . About everything they made was pretty good. This unit has a history of mechanical failure so be on the outlook. Mostly as i remember it was a microprocessor malfuncction that was sometimes corrected by switching unit off on the back , unplugging for a few minutes , long enough for it to reset and then firing it back up. If it ever goes down e me and i will get you in touch with Scott who is about your only source for service.