Cairn Fog vs. Audio Aero Prima?

Has anyone compared the Cairn Fog CDP to the Audio Aero Prima? I love my Cairn, but having just discovered tubes through my first tube integrated, a tubed CDP now interests me as well. Just curious if anyone out there has compared these two players head-to-head. I look forward to your response.
i am the lucky owner of a cairn 4808a amplifier and a audio aero prima cd player. i own the two for one year now. i must say if you enjoy classical music and jazz you have to choose (when your budget allows it)) for the audio aero. more definition, room, soudstage etc. than the cairn fog, but a little bit more coloured than the fog as well (and you have to like that). i obviously compared the two when i was buying the amplifier but it was a easy pick.
good luck with your decision.

David, thanks for your thoughts! I had the Cairn paired with a Nanda preamp and Mea monoblocks for awhile, but have recently discovered tubes and started to read about the Audio Aero. I am hoping to listen to one soon. The Cairn is a great player, and I am eager to hear what the Audio Aero will improve upon.
do not use tubes for a preamp with Audio aero. use solid state preamp/integrated amp. mORe bass control and pacing
the cairn is an off brand in the USA.get rid of it i suggest the audio anlogue Puccini SE a better brand and available used.(same importer)if you have mini monitors,get a full range speaker so you can hear the differences in players lower midrange will be a CRITICAL factor.Opera speakers are 40hz bass. same importer,