Cablevision and HDTV

Hi... Cablevision has been broadcasting the same HDTV channels in the central NJ area for some time now. I was under the impression when I bought my TV about 1.5 years ago that broadcasts would be mostly in HD by the end of 2006. Does anyone know if this has been pushed back? I find it out that there really haven't been any new channels offered in HD...

As a lobbyist who works on telecommunications issues, I can tell you that the mandatory transition to digital television will occur on February 17, 2009.

Remember though, "digital" does not necessarily mean "high definition". However, as the deadline approaches we can *probably* expect broadcasters to adjust for our digital future by broadcasting digital signals.
I saw a few extra channels added in 2005, I wold think that there will be more added in is only going to get better.
It seems that most all providers have other agendas._Other than HD content__ Direct has spent the last launch or 2 catching up with Cable,providing "locals"for most markets. In the meantime Cable is more interested in combining tel. and pc with your tv.subscription. These things allow less interst in HD broadcast.===And suck up the bandwith__I heard or read this a long time ago and it seems to still hold up well. When commercials are in HD,we know we are about there. This means when the big advertisers are spending the money on their commercials;in HD, the program content will follow,as we all know how costly HD is to film and brodcast. (( I've had HD for about 6 years))
Is Cablevision a TCI company? If so, good luck. Their attitude seems to be "You'll watch what we choose to provide and you'll LIKE it."