Cables for McCormack/SF/Hales

The cables in my system need to be upgraded and suggestions about what to consider as replacements would be appreciated. The system currently consists of CAL Alpha DAC (w/NOS Philips tubes), CAL Delta transport, Sonic Frontiers Line 1 pre- (stock Sovtek 6922 tubes) McCormack DNA-1 amp with the SMcAudio Revision B upgrade running into a pair of Hales Revelation 3 speakers (not bi-wireable). Interconnects are NBS Stinghers and the digital cable is a Straight Wire Link II (these are on the list for upgrade, too, just not right now). The current speaker cable is AudioQuest Type 4+ solid core (two solid core strands twisted together per side). Most of the music being played is jazz (trios and quartets mostly), some 70's & 80's rock and a little pop. Budget is fairly open, but I don't want to get ridiculous. Most any cable would be an upgrade, but what would add to the synergy of this system?
Check out Harmonic Technology!! Their Interconnect The Pro-Silway mk 2's are awesome and reasonably priced @ $400 Meter.They transformed my system into a higher level I never thought possible.Their Speaker cables are awesome too as are their digital I.C.s.Call my dealer Mario,Owner of Toys From The Attic.He carries the full line and will give you a VERY good deal Tell him Dave sent you and to sell them CHEAP!! 914-421-0069
By the way,Mario sells Sonic Frontiers and Hales.He really could advice you well on what you need.
I Have a DNA-1 Dlx(and when my budget allows,or after I upgrade a few more power cords, I will get the A revision for it) and the most current Audible Illusions M3A.which has the latest production upgrades.I use to have an SFL-1 Signature and that was simular to your Line-1,and I also have the Delta and the Alpha with a recent 24/96 upgrade.After much research and auditioning,I now have the current MIT High End Series Shotgun cables in my system and am very pleased with them.If WAF(Wife acceptance factor) is an issue,then the terminator boxes and hoses may not cut it.You can get great deals on used cables.Good luck.
I failed to mention that I also have the Hales Revelation 3's and also use a PS Audio PP-300.The Rev 3's with the spikes are on 12x12x2 concrete patio blocks and I have a Teckna Sonic C-10 behind each speaker,a subtle but noticeable tweak.The Harmonix speaker Enacoms also made a subtle improvement.I have bought many tweak products and have sold any that seemed to make no apparent changes ,as well as ones that degraded the sound.All of my purchases on any products and components were all auditioned by 2 other audio friends as well.Good luck on your cable purchases.