Cable Tv Box HDMI vs Digital Coaxial Cable Audio

I am about to switch from using a digital coaxial cable to an hdmi cable from my cable tv box to my processor. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they thought the AUDIO was any better with the hdmi cable vs the coaxial cable or the same since it is only a cable tv box to begin with. I ask this in a general sense without the aspects of "it depends on what cable you upgrade to or what your system consists of" etc. Just switching the coaxial cable out for the hdmi cable.
Given I've done the same thing the saving grace for it seems to be the fact one cable only then, is needed... not two, or four.

I do feel wires matter too…. but with HDMI in it’s current state, and on the level I was able to examine things… HDMI came out the slam dunk no brainer.

I felt the proc & the source (Cable box) were limiting factors sufficient enough to support such a move... and in fact I've found it very gratifying. HDMI is a real blessing for HT, IMO. Even after getting a decent BR player, 1.3A HDMI still wins, and saves more than a fair amount of $$$.

Save those big fat pricey wires for another solution, if of course, you're predisposed to such uses.

I've tried a few instances of various interfaces going into HT proc/receivers and came away from it finding the bottleneck there is not so much the interface, but the processor or processing of the digital info once recieved, converted, and then transmitted out as analog, and not nearly as much as are the cables being used..

Of course I've not outfitted priceyer procs with these 'spensive wires, so perhaps some far far more upscale processors will have greater benefits in such cases. then there would remain the subjective analysis as to how much more $$$ for how much more sonic quality gains.

The HDMI cable I got from either Oppo, as OEM supplied, or from Blue Jeans thereafter, had negligible improvements, as did a Monster & Analysis Plus HDMI cable costing well more.

I even tried using my stereovox XV2 & a Nirvana digital cable.... IMHO... I'll stick with the Oppo & Bj HDMI cables for all HT APPLICATIONS. So $20 HDMI won over $220 HDMI’S…. and they win out over $250 & $700 Coax/SPDIF cables…. Again, IMO. Each interface has some diffs sonically but none were night and day sorts… and none justified the use of the more costly cabling as far as I’m concerned.

Do try some out for yourself… then you’ll know for sure!
I will support Blindjim re. more expensive hdmi cables. I'm using a 3mt hunk TWC gave me. I compare that to a few I bought here ,such as WireWorld and a few other pricey cables
However I use a coax out for their music stations going into a big buck 2ch. dac./That be the Meridian 808-i2. No skimping on cable here in this arena.