Cable "burning": Real or VooDoo ???

While i have my opinions on this subject, i'd love to hear from others that have tried various methods of "burning in" cables, what was used to do it, what differences were noticed ( if any ), etc... Please be as specific as possible. If your a "naysayer" in this area, please feel free to join in BUT have an open mind and keep this thread on topic. Sean
For the 100th time: It is real
Wen you by a new pair of shoes are they not stiff at first? Have you read on some product manuals that a breakin period is required(80+ hrs on anthem gear). New ic's and spkr wire are no different-burning them in is a must. I have set my tuner in between stations amd let the white noise do the rest.
South: Yes, new shoes are stiff. But leather is a very high-resistance conductor, and I find it really rolls off the high end (down, oh, 100 dB or so at 20 hz). YMMV.
Just using the shoes as a example. Might have been a poor use of words but you get the idea.
Instead of burn-in there are those that cryogenically freeze their cables.