Cable Length from Sources Integrated AMP

I have recently purchased a VIVA Solista integrated amp and want to locate it between my speakers. My rack is on the side wall and I would need to run single ended interconnects from my phono preamp (EAR 88PB) and DAC (Audionote), run would be approximately 18 feet. Both sources have a very low output impedance. I see many systems use short connects to the preamp and a long run from the premap to the poweramp. Since there is no preamp in my system, can I do the same with source components running to an integrated amp? Is there anything in the design of a preamp that allows it to drive longer cables versus a source component such as phono preamp? Any and all advice would be appreciated.
As long as they are all line level not a problem. If you planned on running the turntable wires from cartridge 18 feet that is a bad idea.
If all your sources are from digital devices I do not think it will be any problem.
But avoid unshielded IC

Some members may warn about high frequency loss for long lengths of IC, but most reasonable/low cost IC will not have a problem at 18 feet.
Thanks for your response. Yes, all line level, the distance between the turntable and phono preamp is short. So, if I understand correctly a component such as DAC or phono preamp can drive longer cables equally as well as a preamp because they are all line level?