Cable/interconnect for Sonus and Musical Fidelity?

Hi Folks,
My system consists of
1)Sonus Grand Piano Home, Solo, Wall.
2) Musical Fidelity A308 integrated
Recently ugraded to these components and I'm looking for speaker cables and interconnects. Trying to stick to the same brand for both. Every audio shop I've talked to have given my a different opinion because they're trying to sell me the stuff. Any input from anyone with a similar system would be appreciated. Thanks.
I like your system- sounds like we have similar taste. I have been extremely pleased with Synergistic Research cable and interconnects. My MF308 CDP is connected to 308 integrated by the Alpha X2 actives and my Opera Quinta's are connected via active Alpha speaker cables. Lot's of cool blue lights going on with the MF stuff and the SR active lights!
Hi Tghooper,

" Try to borrow some Harmonic Technology Truth - Link interconnects - along - with their Pro 11 + Speakercables.
I've been using these since 2000 and have only of late began to obtain other interconnects as a means to alter the overall sound to fit my mood. These are well reviewed cables and shall remain in my system until I've heard something which is MUCH - MUCH better.
And to date -
I've listened to over 16 different brands in compared to these, and have never felt the desire to replace them inmy system.
Again for the sake of Musicality................., give them a serious listen. You own this much to yourself.'


I use Synergistc Research cables throught my system (except power cords). I have had good luck with system synergy.

Thanks all. I'm going to go through the Cable Company and try out differenct brands. They recommended Synergistic & Purist Audio.
tghooper - both good choices with various price points. another to consider is Audince AU24 - i think it woud match up uite nicely in your system. be sure to report back and good luck.