C-J Premier 10 replacement tubes

Hi everyone...
I would like to hear about those of you who already replaced their tubes in a C-J Premier 10.
I also find out that C-J have changed their configuration for replacement tubes from G-E to a combination of 2- Sylvania and 2- General Electric (if I am not mistakind) and would like to learn about your best experience. I am looking for sweetness and very detailed. I have already tried
some Tung-Sol, (pseudo) Mullard and the old set of G-E when I bought the preamp.
You can buy tubes direct from CJ, but I buy Ram Labs tubes off Audio Advisor. I have a PV12 pre-amp. Not sure if they carry what you are looking for, but their mail order service for small parts is fast.
There is also "Thetubestore.com" - I have used RAM Labs tubes before. They are actually tubes of various brands that RAM has tested and graded. Pretty good!