Bybees for speakers - any success stories?

I am considering trying some Bybees on my Aerial 9 speakers. There is nothing specifically wrong with the speakers, and they sound quite good in my current set-up, so I am not trying to "fix" anything but rather considering this a trial to see if Bybees could improve the sound even further. My thought was to go with a single small Bybee Slipstream Purifier on the positive lead right at the MF and HF drivers, then a large Quantum Purifier on the positive lead to the multiple LF drivers, placed just after the binding post, before the crossover. This would require a total of two pairs of the small purifiers and one pair of large purifiers, and a cost of about $550, to get started. I may also start with just the MF and HF drivers for an initial cost of $350. If I really like what they do, I can always add additional purifiers to the negative leads.

I have two questions; First, does anyone have experience that indicates adding Bybees to speakers is a worthwhile improvement; and Second, does anyone have experience that indicates the much more expensive gold Slipstream Purifier would yield significantly better results on the tweeter compared to the regular version?
I haven't tried the separate DIY units, however I really like my golden goddess speaker tails. I bought them cheaper than usually listed as to give them a go. I remember saying to my father "damn, I am going to have to keep these..." It has been a year or two and they are still being used although most other components have been changed. Present system:
Imac, K Kable usb >Benchmark DAC(JPS Digital pc connected to older bybee power conditioner (digital side) connected Running Springs Haley) 1> Zu varial> Bent Audio TAP> Discovery Essence > Parasound JC 1 (tg Audio pc staight into wall)> Discovery Essence> Bybee GG speaker tails > Sound Lab A3 J (connected to older bybee power conditioner analogue side). Yes, two power conditioners for the front end...

The long and short: I didn't really want to like these things. They run contrary to all that I have learned about adding things to the "chain". Come on- it is a filter. I don't buy the "quantum noise" stuff, but I like what it does. Hard to pin point exactly, but it defines images better and adds "bite" to the bass improving dynamic shading and PRaT. YMMV, but I like these things, what ever they do. FWIW, I have NOT tried the Dakiohm(sp) or Walker products.