Bybee speaker cable "chargers"

What is the best use for these? If I want to biwire should these be on the Treble/Mid binding post? I'm using a choke regulated integrated amp (MF TriVista) and have been told that I shouldn't use the Bybees? Any experence out there?
I use a pair of the older, larger network box Bybees on a pair of Hyperion 938s with good results on the bass module/binding posts. These speakers are tri-wireable. I utilize bi-wire cables with one pair of terminations running to the Bybees, the second pair running straight to the midrange posts and a separate jumper running between the mid posts and the tweeter posts.

I experiemented (bass vs.midrange), finding that the best approach, for me, on this speaker, was using the Bybees to improve the low end. I find that the Bybees "clarify" or improve resolution as well as improve the "speed" of the speaker. On the Hyperions, I found this more beneficial on the low end. The upper range of the Hyperion already has enough resolution, detail, and extension such that I felt the low end could afford to "catch up". The cummulative improvement is improved imaging.

I would fully expect that your own results may vary and will depend largely on your speaker's strengths and weaknesses. Try them both and let your ears make the decision.

As for your MF TriVista question, I cannot offer any advice, as I am not familiar with MF products.

Good Luck.
I have bi-wired Duos and run the chargers into the midrange and tweeters. I find purification to be more important and intelligible from the mids up but, without doubt, your bass will benefit from their application as well.