Buying a new TT today

So I’m pretty hellbent on buying a new TT today! Or should I be?!?!? 
I started off kind of sour on vinyl several years back when I ignorantly bought a cheap TT that had a built in phono stage.... Talk about a disappointment! And a buzz kill for vinyl!
Anyway a year or so later I bought a Project Carbon Debut and it blew my mind!!!!  The step up in most aspects of the TT, carbon fiber tone arm/heavier plinth/much heavier platter/motor and remote position/better cartridge in a Ortofon m2red, along with the fact the it was now running through my Integrated’s Phono Stage was just such a leap in sound that I never expected, that now I’m looking for yet another leap like that again lol
Anyway, with pocket flush with cash and headed to two hi-fi shops I pause....
In my new price range, $2,000 or so, should I be looking for a new TT? Or a new cartridge for the TT I have ?
I beleive Rega has stretched a little thin going for growth, but now are paring back, discontinuing CD players and not getting into streaming. Both good news. I think they are at the summit. Who is their competition? Linn? VPI? Clear Audio? I don't know....

Linn must have been bought or polluted with short term investors or something, because they used to be great and highly respected. The LP12 was the ultimate table. 

Now nobody in metropolitan Philadelphia sells their equipment. Hard to beleive....

I have a P8 and don't know the 1200G. The arm on the P8 (RB880) was a dramatically noticeable improvement over the arm on my P5 (RB 700) and I upgraded that before getting the P8, so I was able to see where the audible improvement was, and that's all that matters. The arm made a bigger difference than the table. That is no disrespect to the new design of the table, based on the "cost no object ultimate Rega table" Naiad, but Rega tables are quiet, and accurate with their PSUs. I don't regret getting the table because there are a couple nice new features I like, but I would have been 97%+ where I am purely from a sound standpoint from where I am today. Is it worth the extra I paid less what I got for the remnants of my P5 of about $1300 - hard to say, but I do like the design and the dustcover and the power connection to the PSU from the table. Some improvements are listed so it can be cost justified but may not be detectable to the trained ear, only to the most critical listener.

I would love to test the new arm on the P10 (RB 3000) at some point, but right now, I would never hear the end of it from my wife if I bought that after I recently got a phono stage with upgraded power supply and speakers in the past 4 months.
Is the P10 better than the 1200G?

Questions, questions...

Of course NOT, it’s not better.
Only in someone’s imagination.

"G" is $4k reference Direct Drive from Technics with the same coreless DD motor as in the SP-10R (their top of the line).

"G" has an improved tonearm, better than $1700 "GR" version.

For the most critical listeners tonearm can be replaced with something very special and Ultra High-End like Reed, custom metal armboard is what you need to do so.

you can check all new SL1200 series here


Yeah we get it!!!  Seriously we do! DD and Technics are the end all! They are the only TTs to be considered and all else are to be banished to to dust bin!
We have heard you loud and clear and get your message!!!
Please post up the rest of your system so I can tell you how you have made bad choices! And I will!!!
I will be the first on this thread to tell you that as I have said before you are telling half truths, so you know what the other half is right?
And please make sure that you post up right here on this thread the rest of your system! I’m waiting!

I agree with most on the thread suggesting to go with a TT. My advice would be to try and always think what you're wanting and if a little patience and increased budget would put you in a better position. In other words. For example, some have mentioned the Prime Scout which is a good table but does have it's own share of drawbacks. Really give some consideration to the technology of whatever you choose to go with and what upgrades it allows that are important to you. As a Prime owner myself I found that tonearm upgrade was important to me. Which VPI states is not possible with the Prime or Prime Scout. Had I realized that I might not have purchased a Prime. So again really think about where your hifi journey is going before purchase. But again, I think TT is the best choice.
aj523  Nice choice! You are going to love it!  I was simply amazed at what the Planar 10 with the RB3000 tonearm did for my vinyl playback.

Did I mention before, I sold off my higher-end Micro Seiki Direct Drive turntable with a highly respected Micro Seiki tonearm and changed to the belt drive Rega Planar 10.  I had belt drive turntables in my earlier years of hi-fi systems.  Then I went to the Micro Seiki direct drive, and now I am back to a belt drive turntable.  No complaints, I got a better sounding deck.