Buy Oracle Turntables

I want to tell you that I experienced great service from Oracle! They help you immediately, wherever you live and send replacements, without any cost or long discussions and in my case even add something for free.

This is a company you can trust and I'm sure you'll be supported the best way even with older Oracle equipment. They make equipment for a lifetime and the service seems to be the same.
They've been great to me over email about some questions I had concerning my table. In fact I bought a new clamp from them recently and the turnaround time for sending a personal check to Canada was much faster than I anticipated. Very nice people.
I had the opposite experience with Oracle Audio. I purchased a turntable - Oracle Delphi. Did not use the turntable until five years after purchase. Turntable was DOA. They did not offer any warranty at all. Said that I would need to send back they would start to look at it for a fee. I went out of my way to repair it by someone else. Needed a motor diagram that they faxed in french with no explaination. My worst experience ever.