Buy now or wait for a better dvd player. 250

I've got 250-300 dollars for a dvd player. Gift certificates to Tweeter. It seems that the quality and versatilty of players is going up while the prices are dropping. Should I buy now or wait. Thanks for the info.
What player do you have now? How old? You could stock up on DVDs movies instead. Newer players have progressive scan, but that may end up being a doubed edge sword. Some plasma projectors and TV's with some type of scaler or line doubler technology built-in will go all to hell with a progressive scan player. It may end up being obsolete depending where TV technology goes. And DVD looks good without it anyway on a standard set. Is your DVD player so old, it has trouble player the newer dual-layer discs? The newer machine's laser is designed to play these.
If you have a HD-capable tv; get a progressive scan dvd player. There is quite a dif. between reg dvd and prg.scn. There is one for 149.00 bucks.(true) There is also the Panasonic rp56/300 bucks.The Sony ns700( or something 700) less than 300 --(on line 250) You know when the money starts to burn a hole; your leg gets awfully hot. It's spend it; or call the FD.