Burn-in period for Shanling CD-T100

How long should it take to 'burn-in' my Shanling CD-T100? I have the Western Electric 396's (NOS) installed. Also, are those upgrades for this CDP from Underwood, Parts Connexion, etc. worth the money? Thanks...
As far as it comes to the tubes it's about 1...2 hours.
AS far as it comes to DC offset electrolytic caps it's few hours more before it's set to a normal operation.

So the straight engineering answer is to run your unit on stand-by for a few hours 1...3 before you get a desire performance.
Mine sounded pretty tame to start with. (I also had the WE tubes.) It took 200 hours to sound really good. It was better after just 100 but still tame-sounding.

I can't speak for the mods, I never had them done.
I agree with Tobias. I have a modified version that I recently had repaired. They replaced the DAC chips and it probably took at least 200 hours for the top end to open up completely. It's worth the wait.
Underwood mods-

When I had my Shanling I had Wally/Chris do the Level 1 mods and I did the OpAmp upgrade myself. The mods are definitely worth while.
I have the CD-T200 with the level 1 mods. I think it is very much worth the extra. Mine has a few hundred hours of play now and it just keeps getting better.
Thanks for the responses. At least I have some people here who like the Shanling - several trashed it in the 'Worst CDP heard' thread awhile back. Always good to have allies...