Bulk calble for xlr ICs on HT

I'd like to make some ICs for my prepro/amp for my HT. Each has balanced connects (sunfire TG2, sherbourn 5/1500a) but I need to use a rt angle xlr on the amp due to space constraints. Thus, I'll be making the cables myself. I have some Belden 89259 that I can use for a twisted pair. Is there a better option for bulk cable. I want to keep the IC's in line with the main components. Thanks
I just did some experimenting with litz wire for speaker IC, and I love the results (see my thread below). I wouldn't be surprised if it has worked as well for other ICs.
Belden is it with Neutrik connectors!!

You can purchase bulk DH Labs BL-1 cable from Audio Concepts Inc for $3.25/ft. I've used this for balanced cables and find it preferable to Beldon-based cables.
You might hook into a fellow named Stu who runs 'audioparts'. www.audiopartsinc.com. He made me some IC's for not much money and i am very happy with them. He also has a line of interesting plugs and adapters.