Building my own roomlens

I'm attempting this project, which should be pretty easy. I need particulars from people in the know, possibly owners of Argent's roomlens product itself. What size tube is used? Are the tubes sealed at the top and bottom? About how far apart are they? Are they "stuffed" with anything? How Tall? This wierd "Heimholz Resonator" apparently befuddles and impresses all who have experienced it properly set up. $1200 for 3 is a little much (kinda like cables), I bet a set would cost less than $50 to make. Let the information flow.... THANKS
Go to and perform a search in the tweaks asylum using the word "roomlens".
Hi, go to this address for details, I plan to build my own within a week or so.
I've built five of them for myself and two for a friend, and they work! I use nominal 2" PVC pipe (Home Depot, Yardbirds) which is 2 3/8" outside diameter. I cut three 6" x 12" pieces, one of 1/2" or 3/4" MDF, two of 1'8" masonite, clamp together and cut three 2 3/8" holes--special dill or hole saw. The MDF is the bottom of a 12" x 6" x 4" box, which I fill with concrete for stability--not "dark matter", but you could mix in something to approximate that. Lots of details missing, but if you can do elementary carpentry, it's easy. One masonite piece is the base lid, the other goes at the top to keep the pipes parallel, and gets trimmed to a much smaller size, to look nice. I painted mine white.
Thanks, guys. I need details, Tom_Nice. That is where the problems lie. I've read just as many posts from people who have made them "willy-nilly" and had bad results. I am definately going to build my own, If yours are good, post an excruciatingly detailed explanation of how you did it. 1. Are the tubes stuffed? 2. Are the tubes sealed at either end? 3. How long are the tubes? 4. How far apart? I can definately handle "elementary carpentry, but I will not start until I have the whole project outlined exactly on paper.
any owners of the Roomlens, please help a poor audiophile!!!! GImme details!! Thanks
Come on roomlens owners, HELP ME!!!!!
The best instructions are on I understand that you can build them using foam "noodles". Go to that site and look at the Tweaks Board. One of the more popular subjects there. Also on the Planer Speakers board, I think a guy named Ed Hsu has complete instructions. Good luck and tell us how they turn out.
Ghirteen, Please send your email address to [email protected] and I'll fill in more details on building Room Lenses. If you're at all interested in RPG-style diffusors, let me know that too.
Ghirteen, I haven't heard from you yet with your email address. My text on a Room Lens clone is much too long to post here--I'd get timed out typing. But I'll email it if I get an address, to you or anyone else who wants it. I'll keep checking this thread for your email addresses.
Gthirteen, sorry, now I realize you DID get in touch with me. I look forward to hearing from you again. Meanwhile, if any Argent Room Lens owner wants to be magnanimous, and nobly help the Deserving Poor in the audiophile community, a couple of details on your Lens configuration would be most welcome: the outer diameter of the pipes and the spacing between pipes. An estimate of how much the bottom opening is restricted, narrowed down, would be nice too. Thanks!
Hey Roomlens owners!! Please help the poor!!